Espionage is a matter of communication!

As this is becoming ever more apparent, the team at FM-nospy is made up of experts in interhuman communication with many years of experience.
They know how people react and how this can be exploited by subtle social engineering. This know-how, combined with experience gained from more than 20 years of training and education, forms a competence platform, the like of which is seldom found in Europe.

The team is permanently linked into a highly efficient network of security specialists drawn from all fields of expertise. This enables our company to provide professional assistance, even in matters that do not directly concern social engineering attacks.

FM-nospy is managed by Fred Maro as personally liable shareholder. The cosmopolitan Austrian is highly pragmatic and advises top managers, politicians and many other prominent figures in his capacity as an expert for communication and presentations.

Fred Maro is regarded as one of the leading international experts in the field of "preventing and defending against espionage in industry and business".