In the focus of spies: SMEs

It is often family-run, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which undertake highly innovative, profound research and development work. That is why they are sometimes called hidden champions. However, professional spies operating in industry and business always first approach those who are closest to the confidential information they seek.

Social engineering can dupe untrained members of staff easily and effectively. The repercussions are often dramatic; if these attacks are recognised at all, it is usually too late. It is therefore essential to equip even a small workforce with solid defensive mechanisms. Contrary to what many people believe, IT is only one of a number of potential weak spots.

It costs much less to protect information from social engineering attacks than to construct a firewall around a complex IT structure.

FM-nospy offers complete security packages, which are both effective and value-for-money, to enable even smaller enterprises to adequately protect themselves from professional espionage.